Current Branch (SCCM) 1902 Upgrade Guide


Dear Folks,

As you all are aware that CB 1902 is released with exciting features, first one to have this in year 2019. This version is also the new baseline version.

In order to upgrade using Update and Servicing, your infra needs to be on SCCM CB 1710, 1802, 1806.

This Blog is broadly classified into 3 categorize:

  • Pre-Upgrade
  • Upgrade
  • Post-Upgrade

Lets start with step-by-step Installation guide for SCCM CB1902


First and foremost current release is not available for all user, we need to download that from Fast Ring

Run the downloaded PowerShell fastring scripts to make CB 1902 available on the console.


After executing the Fast Ring PowerShell script, can find CB 1902 is available to download. Click on “OK” to start with downloading.

Can check the dmpdownloader.log file about the progress and completion. As highlighted below, you can find unique package GUID.

If you are eager to know where the setup file got downloaded, then check EasySetupPayload folder under CongMgr Installation location folder.

Let’s begin with pre-requisites check but make sure you run this on the top infra server in hierarchy, Like here we started with CAS.

Upgrade package content is replicated first across hierarchy in order to run the pre-requisites

Navigate to MonitoringOverviewUpdates and Servicing Status to check Pre-Req status of it.

Additionally, you can check C:ConfigMgrPrereq.log on each primary and CAS Server if you like. From the Pre-req results all looks good and we are good to go ahead with Upgrade.

Before going with actual upgrade, i would like to follow few more steps so that in case if something goes wrong, it can be reverted.

  • SCCM SITE Backup

Wanted to make sure that i have latest SMS Site Backup before i start with upgrade. To do that i shall start “SMS_SITE_BACKUP” service on CAS and Primary Server.

You can check smsbkup.log  on CAS and Primary Server to confirm if backup completed successfully.


  • SCCM Reports Backup

I do manage many customize reports, so intent to take backup before i process to actual upgrade. I am using Powershell Script, Please feel free to test it out. Please find the link below and make sure to download and rename it to .ps1 before using, Script Name: SCCMReports_Export

You need to provide report server name and folder path where you want to export the data as shown below.

Exported files can be found in the mentioned folder.

  • Stop Maintenance Tasks

Make sure that there is no Maintenance task running during upgrade process, hence disabling them.

  • Similarly, can take backup of SCCMSUS DBReport server database backup using SQL Management studio.

We have done with our Pre-Upgrade, lets proceed ahead with Upgrade

CB 1902 Upgrade:

Navigate to  AdministrationOverviewUpdates and Servicing and initiate upgrade

Upgrade Information

Select features to be included, we have proceeded with default one

Select Upgrade without validating option and click on Next.

Review and accept terms

Confirm The settings

Deployment installation started confirmation

Lets dig in background what all is happening during the upgrade. We can use Monitoring Console to monitor the progress, as well  you can also monitor few log files. Check out screenshots related to it.

Remember you have default value set up about the replication links when to be degraded and Failed. It observed that when you have an big infra, CAS and multiple PrimariesDPs then default value time can be surpass and Database Replication can be degraded and Failed. Let the upgrade get fully completed and then all should be green soon. Patience is only the key, so don’t start playing with Database.

During Upgrade

Somewhere in middle of upgrade

Here you go all your good efforts are Paid off and Upgrade is completed Successfully.

On-Console, after refresh you are prompted for new console version…

Newer version details can be verified from Console now.

Secondary Site Upgrade:

Now will initiate Secondary Site Up-gradation as shown below.

Acknowledge the upgrade request

Check out pre-requisites process


Once pre-requisite check is completed, Primary server will start copying the package to Secondary server to initiate actual upgrade

Upgrade process can be monitored from same window

Once upgrade process is completed, you can check again version of all primary CAS and Secondary are synced to 1902 i.e 8790.

Client Upgrade Package:

Navigate to Software LibraryOverviewApplication ManagementPackages and check out client packages refreshed and distributed to all DP’s.

We have done the Main part,but that’s not the end, we are coming with another blog Post Upgrade task for SCCM 1902 Upgrade.

— By Author Nawaz & Mamata

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