Fix Google Chrome Security Alert / Zero-day in Minutes. (Chrome 0-day exploit CVE-2019-13720)


   Author Mamata and Nawaz

Greeting Folks,


It’s all over the twitter/internet about New Chrome 0-day Bug Under Active attacks.

Few headlines that really impressed me, check out the links below

On Halloween night, Google discloses Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild

Use-After-Free Zero Day in Google Chrome Exploited in the Wild

Chrome Zero-Day Bug with Exploit in the Wild Gets A Patch


The reason for mentioning links above is that we are really not interested in explaining vulnerabilities instead I am much interested in explaining how quickly we can get application packaged in SCCM and get ready for deployment.

RuckZuck for Configuration Manager is a Solution to import Software from the RuckZuck repository into System Center Configuration Manager (2012 + CurrentBranch ).

The created Applications do not require RuckZuck or any other tools as a prerequisite and you can modify the installations scripts (PowerShell) to customize the installations.

Be aware that importing software from RuckZuck does not automatically grant you a license for that product.

Install “RZ4ConfigMgrSetup.exe” as Admin on the ConfigMgr Server or a Device with the SCCM Console installed.

After installation, notepad will open a config file. Please specify a UNC path (with write access !) on “CMContentSourceUNC

A Console-Extension on the Application Node allows importing software with a few clicks…

You can choose from hundreds of Applications from the RuckZuck repository

Let’s do it for Google Chrome version 78.0.3904.87

Hurray, You have your Application ready for deployments…..Its a matter of seconds once you get familiar with this plugin on how to use it.

You are now set up to distribute and deploy to your systems.

Happy Fixing Google chrome 0-day Fix in Minutes.

Are you thinking this tool to be handy for apps like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and other free apps? Give it a try you will take some load off from packaging team

i am repeating again if you check out awesome plugin for SCCM console it will allow you many third party applications deployments in few clicks.

Be aware that importing software from RuckZuck does not automatically grant you a license for that product

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