Windows 10 Release and End of Service Information


Author Nawaz Kazi

Windows 10 Release and End of Service Information

Feature updates for Windows 10 are released twice a year and they will be serviced with monthly quality updates for 18 or 30 months from the date of the release, depending on the lifecycle policy.

6 months back we upgraded 10000+ machines to 1809 and it’s time to test and prepare another rollout for windows 10.

After research found that after windows 10 Version 1809 there are 3 other builds that are released, Windows 10 Version 1909 (OS Build 18363) Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS Build 19041), and Windows 10 Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042)

End of Service date is the best way to decide which version to go with.

Let’s have a look over the End of service dates so that we can plan accordingly about upgrading the old Windows 10 Version.

The year 2020 had two releases :

  • Windows 10 Version 2004   available  from 27th May 2020 with End of service 14th Dec 2021
  • Windows 10  Version 20H2 available from 20th October 2020 with End of service 9th May 2023

Windows 10 1909  or Windows 10 2004 or 20H2 will be some thing I need to thing after testing.

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